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Medical services:

Ofek Medical -
Renders high-quality medical services to patients from all over the world, including from the CIS countries. A medical services tailored exclusively individually for each patient with use of last world achievements of medical technologies, the best Israeli medicine in a combination with excellent nursing and the best doctors-experts. The patients, who have arrived on treatment to Israel, feel here attention and care not only during medical procedures, but also at leisure.

Ofek Medical -
Gives a full spectrum of medical diagnostic and surgical procedures. Universal medical services include:
- Diagnostics
- Conservative therapy
- All spectrum of surgical treatment (with licenses for all kinds of surgery)
- Rehabilitation and recovery after surgery
- Stomatology

Ofek Medical -
Full and all-round service:

  • The Best Israeli and international experts in all areas of conservative medicine and surgery working in leading hospitals of the country.
  • The best diagnostic equipment in the world.
  • Various hotels nearby hospitals where treatment will take place.
  • You have the option to take an excursion and travel all around Israel.

"Ofek Medical"
International medical services



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